Monday, October 10, 2011

Innovation in Image Management

Another innovation in ‘Image Management’
One of the most complex brand strategies we have derived till date.
 In less than 10 seconds it can make the consumers eyeballs pop out – enters the brain
 In less than 40 seconds it will take him back into a thought process, away from whatever let be running in his mind. – Creates questions in his mind
 In less than a min it will instigate WoM – He can’t hold it and speaks out
 In less than 10 min it will reach the heart of the viewer and give him an assurance & comfort – He thinks… thinks… and rethinks; info saturates in his mind, in-turn brand saturates in this mind

A strategy so complex well reinforced… that can do what no strategy has been able to do till date in the Automotive Sector. A Negate-o-Positive concept powerful enough to penetrate with immense speeds and create an impact in minutes which most of the strategies can’t achieve with years of existence.

All these without using glam dolls and at a much lower expense than any other strategy
SDM-P is born!!!